The Grande Semaine is above all a sporting competition but also a great opportunity to meet up, to share and exchange. There is nothing like fun evenings to keep the festive mood going into the night !

Find the program of the week’s entertainment here :


Friday 26th August :

- Cyle Libre Cocktail - SHF & Brunet Tentes

- Kahoot Quizz - SHF & Cheval Magazine

- Audevard Trophy

- “Super Heroes” Party - Edouard Set

Saturday 27th August

“Retour de Plage” (Back from the Beach) party - Edouard Set

Tuesday 30th August :

Set lounge Evening - Edouard Set

Wednesday 31st August

Set Lounge Evening - Edouard Set

Thursday 1st September

- Cycle Classique Cocktail - SHF

- “ Fur & Feathers” Party - Edouard Set

Friday 2nd September 

“Pyjama Party” – Edouard Set

Saturday 3rd September

Set Lounge Evening - Edouard Set

Location: Place Gourmande

Pony Rides

For the little ones, pony rides are organised by the Jumping Club de Bois le Roi pony club:

-        Saturday 27th August

-        Sunday 28th August

-        Wednesday 31st August

-        Saturday 3rd September

-        Sunday 4th September

Location: Grand Parquet Arena


Book Signing

Come to meet our celebrities, while getting an autograph!

- Jean-Maurice Bonneau, following the publishing of his book “On y sera un jour, mon grand”: Wednesday 31st August to Saturday 3rd September, autograph sessions available 1 hour a day.

Location: Stand Filière